So Near Yet So Far

You're my galaxy's brightest star That seems to be so near yet so far You're a dream as high as the sky Wish I have the courage to just say 'Hi' Oh my galaxy's brightest star Wish I could tell how lovely you are Oh my dream as high as the sky Why am I …


See You Again

To the girl that caught my eye Whose beauty no one can deny When will I ever see you again? You sat near the library’s aisle There I saw your captivating smile Oh girl, when will I ever see that again? I hope one of these days That destiny will find its way For me …

Counting Stars

To that beautiful and adorable young lady You do drive me crazy And in these nights that I am lonely You make me forget my melancholy I just wish you could be here with me And spend the rest of the night counting all the stars in the galaxy.

Minsan Sa May Bituin

Minsan sa may bituin Ako'y nakatingin Nang biglang napuhing Sa munting panaginip ako'y nagising Ako'y nangangarap Masayang nakatingin sa alapaap Wala nang mas sasarap Sa malamig na hanging nalalanghap Huwag mawalan ng pag-asa Kung buhay ay masaklap Manalig sa Maylikha Tagumpay ay matatanggap Sama-samang abutin Buhay na pinapangarap Minsan sa mga bituin Ligaya'y mahahanap