I am always afraid of insects. I know it is funny that a big man like me (for Filipinos my size is considered as huge) has a fear of such little creatures. Cockroaches, bees, spiders, worms (are they insects?) makes my stomach turn. I don’t really like insects except for one—butterflies.

For some butterflies are symbol of paradise. For my superstitious folks, butterflies are the spirit of our loved ones. For me, butterflies are symbol of hope.

A butterfly makes us realize that life is still worth living despite of all the miseries it could bring. Her metamorphosis always reminds us of how life can be hard yet so rewarding.

The butterfly, as a caterpillar has to endure the desolate life this world offers to little creatures like her. She faced the harmful world with courage and hope.

The small and ugly larva endured. The days of perseverance paid off. Her struggles as a little, defenseless creature made her strong. The weak caterpillar transformed into an adamantine chrysalis.

The hardships made her stronger and stern. She clothed herself with a vanguard against detractors and enemies.

It seemed that she was hiding, running away from the horrors of her miserable life, but she was not. After days of what appeared as hiding, she moved out of her cocoon and confidently spread her wings and made the world appreciate how beautiful she is.

The world never expected her to be as lovely as she is now. Nobody thought that an ugly caterpillar could turn to a beautiful butterfly. For the world is blinded by prejudice. His judgments failed him to see the beauty in every creature that breaths in him. Our pessimism failed us to see the great potential that hides in every one of us.

So the butterfly taught the world a lesson he will never forget. The butterfly taught me a lesson. A lesson that no matter how weak and impoverish we are, there is always hope, that we can also be a beautiful butterfly.



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