A Year Dedicated To Writing

Two years ago, I decided to create a blog with a vision to share my thoughts through essays and short stories. Another big reason and rather the main reason why I created a blog is to fulfill my dream to become a writer. I wanted to start my writing life through this blog.

Two years after, nothing much in my goals had materialized. According to WordPress I have successfully published a grand total of 16 posts! Again I repeat 16 posts in two long unproductive years! Pretty disappointing right? Yeah I am really disappointed in myself. I don’t know what really happened. I always say to myself that I’m just experiencing a writer’s block and it’s just normal. But as days grow into weeks and weeks into months, my anxiety began. I cannot write anything. I tried browsing pages after pages, volumes after volumes, constantly finding an inspiration, an inspiration that can keep me going, an inspiration that can rekindle the fire I had two years ago, but I failed. I was close to giving up my dream, I thought that writing isn’t really for me, that I will never be a good writer. I was about to throw the towel until I found this post from Capital Community College. It made me realize that I should write to express but not to impress anyone, even myself. Pessimism towards my work held me back in fulfilling my dreams. But I will never allow that to happen again.

I am not a fan of New Year’s resolutions, I’ve created some in the past years(losing weight, studying harder) but eventually abandoned it in the process. But I couldn’t pass this opportunity to make a vow to myself. I do not promise to write and publish a post every day or even every week(but I think it’s a good idea). What I promise to myself is to be dedicated in reaching my dream, my dream to become a writer. I want to dedicate this year and the coming years to writing. I want to be devoted in fulfilling my goals back from two years ago when I decided to pursue a writing life —to influence people and to affect change in our society through stories and essays. I vow not to tumble again.


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